Papayoo ("PGC Presents" Title)

  • Papayoo ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • Papayoo ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • Papayoo ("PGC Presents" Title)

Papayoo is a part of the "PGC Presents" line, a curated selection of games which are harder to find, recommended by us, or are the releases of a fellow independent publishing company or designer that we respect. "PGC Presents" is a project to help boost the signal of other creators that we love to support and think others might as well.

Papayoo is a release from Brazilian publisher, Grok Games. Portland Game Collective has nothing to do with the release or production of this game. We stock this game in an effort to help a fellow indie game company, Grok Games, get their releases to a wider audience.

Fun Fact: This is a Lee/Financial Ruin Favorite. Seriously great game at any of its player counts!


Description from Boardgamegeek:

Get rid of your Payoo!

There are no jacks, queens or kings in Papayoo – just an unusual die and a fifth suit called Payoo. The aim is to score the fewest points possible; to do so, try to avoid collecting those dreadful Payoos and especially the Papayoo, that confounded 7, whose suit changes with each new hand. That cursed die!

If you are unhappy with your hand, don't fret; just give your hand to the player on your left before starting. Be sure to make the right choice because you'll be getting the player's cards on your right. Then play your hand with no trump suit, in this must-follow, Trick-taking game.