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Stonks ("PGC Presents" Title)

  • Stonks ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • Stonks ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • Stonks ("PGC Presents" Title)

Stonks is a part of the "PGC Presents" line, a curated selection of games which are harder to find, recommended by us, or are the releases of a fellow independent publishing company or designer that we respect. "PGC Presents" is a project to help boost the signal of other creators that we love to support and think others might as well.

Stonks is a release from Brazilian publisher, Grok Games. Portland Game Collective has nothing to do with the release or production of this game. We stock this game in an effort to help a fellow indie game company, Grok Games, get their releases to a wider audience.


Description from Boardgamegeek:

It's 10 am and the Animalia Stock Exchange opens its doors, attracting many investors who are in search of the best business opportunities. Jacques and Marie, a couple of rabbits, want to secure a quick profit on Carotte Orange SCA shares. Felipe, the shark, tries to convince Karl, the pig, that Peixe Azul S.A. It's a good deal, but the pig is only interested in Roter Apfel AG, whose shares have already earned him good profits recently. Hank the bull is confident of Green Grass Inc's rising profits, but Sofia the bear prefers to be more cautious and make a safe investment in Miele Giallo S.p.A. Finally, Harshad, the wolf, tries to convince everyone that he is a successful investor, but there are rumors that he became a millionaire with a pyramid scheme. Before the Exchange closes its operations, anything can happen! Who will raise both arms and shout “STONKS!” in celebration?

Stonks is a trick-taking and stock market game. One of the players leads the trick by playing a card and everyone must follow suit. Whoever played the highest card wins the trick and chooses one of the played cards to put in their wallet. All cards have shares, which will yield victory points according to the company's market value. Some cards, when used, allow the player to modify a company's stock exchange rate, either in his favor or to ruin their opponent's dreams. After all cards are used, the player with the most victory points is the winner.