12 Chip Trick ("PGC Presents" Title)

  • 12 Chip Trick ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • 12 Chip Trick ("PGC Presents" Title)
  • 12 Chip Trick ("PGC Presents" Title)

This is the Mandoo Games Edition of 12 Chip Trick. This game features really nice ceramic poker chips as well as coasters. The game has been expanded from originally being 3 player only, to now being 2-4 players!

Fun Fact: This is one of Lee's favorite releases from Japan in the last several release cycles!

12 Chip Trick is a part of the "PGC Presents" line, a curated selection of games that are harder to find, recommended by us, or are the releases of a fellow independent publishing company or designers that we respect. "PGC Presents" is a project to help boost the signal of other creators that we love to support and think others might as well.

12 Chip Trick is a release from South Korean Publisher, Mandoo Games. Portland Game Collective has nothing to do with the release or production of this game. We stock this game in an effort to help a fellow indie game company, Mandoo Games, get their releases to a wider audience.


Description from BGG:

In 12 Chip Trick, a trick-taking game for exactly 2-4 players, an attempt to score the most points is made, but any player who scores 21 or more will have their points halved.

The game uses 12 discs, half being red and half being black, that are numbered 1 to 12. It is a "may follow" trick-taking game where trick losers will draft discs back to their hands to be played again in a future trick. This leaves the trick winner to take a disc face up and scored, not to be used again.

The game ends once a player has no discs to play. All players reveal their 4 discs, whether in hand, scored, or a mix of both to sum their points. The player with the most points after a number of rounds wins.