Divicity ("PGC Presents" Title) Preorder

  • Divicity ("PGC Presents" Title) Preorder
  • Divicity ("PGC Presents" Title) Preorder
  • Divicity ("PGC Presents" Title) Preorder
  • Divicity ("PGC Presents" Title) Preorder

This preorder will not ship until approx 05/2024. If your order contains several preorder items, it will not ship until all items are in stock and ready to ship. We can not add preorder games to any previously existing orders or to crowdfunding pledges. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you understand.


Divicity is a part of the "PGC Presents" line, a curated selection of games which are harder to find, recommended by us, and are the releases of a fellow independent publishing company or designer that we respect. "PGC Presents" is a project to boost the signal of other creators that we love to support and think others might as well.

Divicity is a release from Brazilian publisher, Grok Games. Portland Game Collective has nothing to do with the release or production of this game. We stock this game in an effort to help a fellow indie game company, Grok Games, get their releases to a wider audience.


Description from Boardgamegeek:

With hidden score chips and the ability to bluff other players, Divicity is an exciting and unpredictable trick-taking game for 3 to 6 players, perfect for getting a crowd together and having a good laugh. The objective of the game is to have the most points by end of a match.

Before playing a card, the starting player of a trick may look at two of the chips in play and return them face down to the center of the table. The starting player then plays a card of choice from their hand, face up to the table. In turn order, the other players will follow suit by playing one card from their hand. Players are required to play a card of the same suit that was played by the starting player, if held. If a player does not have cards from the suit played by the starting player, they may play any other card from their hand. When all players have played a card to the table a winner is determined. The player with the lowest played card of the lead suit reveals the score chips and takes one of them. Then the player who played the highest card of the lead suit takes the remaining score chip. In 5 and 6 player games, the trick winner will give a third chip to any other player who hasn't already received a score chip during the trick. When players have no more cards in hand, the game ends. Players add up their chips, leaving the player with the highest score the game winner.