Q: I've placed an order! When can I expect it to ship? 

A: We strive to do two drop-offs at the post office a week. This can change though. Just know that we are working to get you your items quickly!

If you preordered an item, there should be an estimated month for shipping in the description. Please note that all in-stock items ordered with a preorder will not ship until all items are in. If you'd like the in-stock items faster, place a separate order. 

Q: I have a preorder placed and noticed another item became available for preorder later. Can you combine these orders for shipping? 

A: Unfortunately, no. We understand wanted to save some money with shipping, but combining separate orders creates the possibility for more mistakes. We're a small group and we want to make this the best possible experience by getting you the correct items in a timely fashion. 

Q: I came here to late back Haggis and/or TRICKTAKERs. How come the 'PGC Presents' games aren't set up the same way for pricing? 

A: The 'PGC Presents' titles aren't our games. These are games by some amazing publishers such as GROK Games and Mandoo and designer Geonil. We wanted to bring a curated collection of harder-to-find games to a wider audience. 

We subsidize shipping more than we already do with our crowdfunding campaigns and this has been honored with the late backing for Haggis and TRICKTAKERs. The 'PGC Presents' titles were not available on the Kickstarter and are not part of honoring the Kickstarter pricing.

Q: I placed an order/preorder. How can I cancel it? 

A: We understand things happen so you may no longer be able to keep your order. You can reach us through the Contact tab or by emailing us at portlandgamecollective@gmail.com.  Please note that there is a 10% restock fee for canceled orders since we are still charged for the fees.

Q: How are VAT and import taxes being handled? 

A: It is hard for us as a small company to navigate multiple destination countries that have their own laws and rates for imported goods. Because of this, we will not be taking payment or contributing to VAT or import taxes. Please know what your country's tax rates and laws on imported goods of this type are.

After the games have shipped, refunds will not be granted for items returned to us due to incorrect addressing or unpaid import taxes/VAT/handling. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are hoping this is something we can handle in the future.

Q: Is there anywhere you don't ship? 

A: Currently the list is: Afghanistan, Belrus, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cezech Republic, Italy, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Niue, Russia, Slovak Republic, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, and Yemenm. 

Some we just can't ship to and others have 'playing cards' listed under prohibited items. If you are in any of these countries and place an order, we will contact you about canceling the order. The 10% restocking fee will still apply.

We encourage you to use a US-based forwarding service to your destination country. Refunds will not be granted once it shows delivered to the forwarder.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.

Q: I own a retail store and am interested in stocking your games. How do I contact you? 

A: Please reach us through the Contact tab or by emailing us at portlandgamecollective@gmail.com with proof of business (such as a business license) and what games you are interested in to begin the conversation. There is a minimum order of 10 games. Appreciate your support!

Q: How should I go about pitching a game/offering my talents as an artist to PGC?

A: Firstly, wow! Thank you for thinking of us! You can reach us through the Contact tab or by emailing us at portlandgamecollective@gmail.com. If you are pitching a game, send us information on the game, including the hook and how it plays, and if there is a way we can play it with you. If you are an artist interested in making artwork for a game, send us a link to your work/portfolio along with a rough pricing estimate. We'd love to talk with you! 

Please note
: We're still a small publisher. We appreciate you coming to us but know we can only take on so many projects at a time.

If you have a question that you don't see here, you can email us at portlandgamecollective.com.