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Nirvana (“PGC Presents” Release)

  • Nirvana (“PGC Presents” Release)
  • Nirvana (“PGC Presents” Release)
  • Nirvana (“PGC Presents” Release)

This is a re-implementation of Roll Write Daifugō, which was released in 2020 at the Tokyo Game Market.

This Korea Boardgames Edition features additional/optional cards not included in the originally released game that variate gameplay and create new game setups with each play.

Nirvana/Roll Write Daifugo is very easy to teach and play. It also is a game that plays fairly quickly. In theory, as long as you have the sheets to spare, this game is playable from 2 to infinite players, as all actions during the roll and write phase are done simultaneously.

Fun Fact: We loved this game so much after its initial release we played it non-stop. We couldn't find actual copies because it had sold out fast at TGM, so we home-brewed copies until we could get our hands on the real deal! This is a lovely game for its simplicity and unique marriage of roll and write and climbing/shedding card mechanics. Long Live Roll Write Daifugo/Nirvana!


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Roll dice.
Play cards.
Liberate yourself.

In Nirvana, players roll dice and sum up values to create cards for a climbing/shedding card game. Whoever gets rid of all their cards first wins!

In more detail, during the roll-and-write half of the game, a player rolls three dice, then all players write the rolled values in any colored area on their personal board. Each player also has the limited ability to adjust the rolled values of the dice, prior to placing on their board. Once everyone's sheet is completely filled, the players sum their columns to determine the ranks of the "cards" they will use in the next phase.

In the shedding phase, the players play a game based on the traditional structure known as Daifugō, with the start player playing one or more cards of the same rank, and the other players then either passing or playing the same number of cards but of a higher rank. The first player to "play" all of their "cards" wins!